The newly developed RYA On-Line Essential Navigation & Seamanship RYA certified course (previously the Basic Navigation & Safety Course) is the introduction level to navigation and seamanship. 
The Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course is an inspiring classroom online course for anyone interested in boats. This course will give you the essential knowledge needed when you’re afloat, from navigation to safety and seamanship to passage planning. 
So who can apply and what experience is needed? Essentially, as already mentioned above, the course is aimed at anyone that is interested in boating! For example, it might be someone who is new to boating, the less experienced coxswain, or even an out of date skipper that would like to learn or brush up on these very important skills! Regardless of the activity or type of vessel used, most people will benefit from this very easy to follow internet based training package. The main advantage being that providing you have internet access you can learn any time, any where and at your convenience! 
The interactive training modules consist of approximately 6 hours of on-line tuition, and the associated consolidation exercises, which should take around 10 hours to complete. This process will ensure maximum knowledge retention along the way, and by the end of the course you will have a gained a good awareness and understanding of the Safety, Tides and Navigation aspects, essential for anyone wishing to operate a boat competently on inland or coastal waters! Please note, the course must be completed within 12 months of singing up. 
After signing up for the course as well as having access to a Boatability RYA instructor, we will send you your course pack. This includes a training chart, Portland Plotter, set of Dividers, Course Handbook and the RYA Electronic Chart Plotter CD. Unlike most of our competitors we don’t try and make out that we are giving you the equipment for free, because they are not! All the above is actually included in the pack that we will send you! Having said that, you will need a soft leaded (2B) pencil, a pencil sharpener, notepad and an eraser to help complete the practical exercises. 
The objectives that you will cover on the course are as follows: 
Charts and associated publications 
Safety equipment & Checks 
Engine Checks 
Buoyage (IALA) 
Rules of the Road (IRPCS) 
Navigation / Pilotage 
Passage Planning 
Once complete and you now realise you have a bit of the budding Christopher Columbus in you, you may wish to hone you skills a little further. If you do then this training course complements and dove-tails into our on-the-water training packages perfectly. For example, some of courses come in the form such as the RYA Level 2 National Powerboat Certificate, the International Certificate of Competence (ICC 10 and 24 Metre boats) Intermediate Powerboat and Advanced Powerboat Courses. However, if you don’t see what you require then please contact us to discuss your needs further. 
For an IT compatibility check to see if the online training course will work on your computer please click on the link below: 
Click here to view a compatibility guide 
CALL 02392 346075 / 07985 089973 (up to 10:30pm) 
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