POWER Under 10 Metre ICC - Online Prep Training - Ask For Details (Power Boat License for Boats Under 10 Metres Including Jetskis/PWC's) 

The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) or Boat License as it's often referred to can be issued to: 
UK Nationals 
UK Residents 
Countries that have accepted Resolution 40 can also apply for an ICC here in the UK, please follow the link below and go to section 2 of the application form beneath to see if you are eligible: 
To obtain the International Boat License (ICC) you must prove your competence at driving a boat. If you have attended a qualifying RYA practical training course you can simply send a copy of your certificate with your ICC application form. Alternatively, you can take a direct assessment at a RYA recognised training centre such as Boatability but the most common route to achieving the ICC is by attending a RYA Powerboat Level 2 course. 
Essentially, the ICC boat license has six categories. When an ICC certificate is issued, only the categories for which competence has been proven will be validated. Categories are as follows: 
Power up to 10m ICC 
Power over 10m ICC (Or up to 24m/80 Tonnes) 
Sail up to 24m ICC 
Personal Watercraft (PWC) 
Coastal ICC 
Inland ICC 
PWC Endorsements 
The PWC category can only be validated if either a RYA Personal Watercraft Proficiency or RYA Level 2 Certificate is presented as proof of competence. The practical test is not available for PWCs. This is why most people will opt for the 2 day RYA powerboat Level 2 course over the one day PWC, basically you get 3 for the price of one. 
Unlike the Power up to 10m ICC, please note; The Power Over 10m ICC does not entitle you to apply for the PWC option when applying for the certificate 
Inland and Coastal Endorsements 
If using a boat on the sea, especially abroad, then you will need the ICC. This is achieved via a RYA practical training course, or by taking a direct assessment. If on the sea then the training is best taken on coastal waters; you aren't going to learn much on a lake or river... The most common route is by attending the RYA Level 2 Powerboat Course with Boatability. 
Regarding Inland Waterways; here in the UK it is not normally a problem and the RYA Level 2 powerboat course will cover you for both Inland and Coastal waters. (Please Note: by attending a course on inland waters some centres may allow you to apply for a Coastal ICC, but does not compare if doing it on the sea!). If you intend using a boat on the inland waterways across mainstream Europe then you will also need the CEVNI (Code Europeen des Voies de Navigation Interieure). This covers the rules of the road and regulations for travelling the interconnected waterways throughout Europe. This can be taken on line or you can do it with us here at Boatability, which could be taken at the same time you attend the RYA Level 2 course. 
Once you have established how to prove your competence, ensuring you can receive the ICC validated for the categories you require, you have to complete the ICC application form. This is sent, together with a passport sized photograph, proof of citizenship, residency and The RYA's admin fee (see the application form for the current charge). Issue of the ICC is free of charge for RYA members. 
If you have any questions or queries please contact us to see how we can help you obtain your ICC Boat License or CEVNI. 
Here are a selection of courses that are often used as proof of competence: 
PWC (Jetski) 
Shore Based Courses 
To compliment the above Practical courses there are a number of "Shore Based" courses covering the following: 
VHF Short Range Radio Certificate 
CEVNI (For Inland Waterways) 
Sea Survival 
First Aid 
Day Skipper Theory 
Yacht Master Theory 
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