STCW95 - Personal Survival Training 
Personal Survival Training (PST) - A-VI/1-1 states, Survive at sea in the event of ship abandonment.’ To achieve this you must understand and have proficiency in: 
The types of emergency situations, which may occur, such as collision, fire or foundering. 
The equipment in survival craft 
The Location of personal life-saving appliances 
The principles concerning survival, including: 
The Value of training drills 
Personal protective clothing and equipment 
The need to be ready for any emergency 
The actions to be taken when called to survival craft stations / areas 
The actions to be taken when required to abandon ship 
The actions to be taken when in the water 
The actions to be taken aboard a survival craft 
The main dangers to survivor 
To achieve these objectives the candidate must be proficient in the following: 
Don (put on) a lifejacket 
Don and use and immersion (sea survival) suit 
Safely jump from a height into the water 
Right an inverted liferaft whilst wearing a lifejacket 
Swim whilst wearing a lifejacket 
Knowledge of how to keep afloat without a lifejacket 
Board a survival craft from the ship and water while wearing a lifejacket 
Take initial actions on boarding survival craft to enhance the chance of survival 
Stream a drogue / sea anchor 
Operate survival craft equipment 
Operate location devices, including radio equipment 
Please note; we do not use nice warm swimming pools for this training, as it is a complete waste of time and false! Everyone needs to know what it’s like and what to do in the real environment. The equipment we use is designed for this purpose so it makes sense to use it in a real situation, remember if it does happen it’s better to be prepared! 
CALL 02392 346075 / 07985 089973 (up to 10:30pm) 
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