Maritime Security Training and Services 
We offer a range of commercial owners and operators training covering the following areas. 
International Ship and Port Security ( ISPS ) 
CSO - Company Security Officer 
SSO - Ship Security Officer 
1 Day security awareness training 
Masters and Watch-Keepers BMP4 
In accordance with the, newly released, UKMTO Best Management Practice 4 (BMP4) guidelines. We can cover 
Pirate Activity - how and where to research 
Risk Assessment 
Typical Pirate Attacks 
Company Planning 
Masters’ Planning 
Prior to Transit – Voyage Planning 
Prior to Transit – Self Protection Measures 
If a Pirate Attack is Imminent 
If Boarded by Pirates 
In the Event of Military Action 
Post Incident Reporting 
Updating Best Management Practices 
All of the above courses can be tailored to suit the vessels in service and to promote specific safety and operating practices used within your organsation. 
In addition we also offer: 
STCW 95 
Standards of training Certification and Watchkeeping is a 5 day course covering 
Personal Survival - theory and practical survival techniques, search and rescue 
Firefighting and prevention - Theory and practical 
First aid - Basic techniques 
Personal Safety - Accident prevention and working aboard ship 
Telephone 02392 346075 / 07985 089973 Email: 
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