We have a range of Safety Boats and Dive Spreads available from shallow draft craft, including inflatables, zapcats and jetskis through to road trasnporable rigid inflatables and work boats. Whether it be a work platform through to CAT 3R coded boat for offshore work we can cover most eventualities and activities. 
Note: If any vessel is used for financial gain then it must meet the correct marine coding regulations for the activity being undertaken, whether it be a safety, work or passenger boat! 
For underwater operations we can offer a range of solutions from surveys to surface supplied diving/engineering/welding in accordance with HSE/MCA requirements.  
Whatever the activity is that you intend conducting on the water, Boatability can help; and with highly qualified commerical skippers at the helm you can rest assured that safety is king! 
We are very proud to say that we also provided safety cover and photo boats for the 2012 Olympics and the Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race, demonstrating that our procedures were at the highest level. What fantastic events! 
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