RYA Powerboat Level 2 

*Depending on Availability 
The RYA Powerboat Level 2 was developed for individuals who want to learn how to operate a small boat safely in daylight hours. 
We are very fortunate to be based at Port Solent and believe we have the best training locations in the world... 
Why is this the best Location ? 
5 square miles of sheltered harbour so we can find somewhere to operate even in the harshest conditions. 
Close to the open sea 
Just about every type of buoy and navigation mark to experience first hand 
Historic fortifications and landscape to enjoy 
Plenty of shipping traffic to play with 
Plenty of Isle of wight destinations for Intermediate and Advanced courses 
Great location for evening entertainment and food 
All of our courses are fun and informative. Instruction is from very experienced instructors, including ex Royal Navy Specialist trainer, an MCA Coastguard instructor, a very experienced fisherman who probably spends more time on the water than he does on land... even our mechanic is 2 x European powerboat champion who offers plenty of advice and expertise to the mix! A client recently commented, that the course was very professionally run but just as important was great fun too! Please read some of our feedback under the Testimonial / Clients tab at the top of this page to see what our customers say... 
Regarding pricing, we don't profess to be the cheapest but I think if you take into consideration that we teach the Royal Navy and organisations such as the Fire Service, we are certainly one of the best! Our Powerboat Level 2 costs £289 per person, £250 for two or £235 for three or more. This includes VAT, certification, The RYA Powerboating handbook, ICC application form, all safety equipment, boats and fuel and depending on the weather foul weather gear too. The course can also be run from your location using your own boat, depending on type and suitability.  
*We may be able to price match competitors in the area depending on availability. 
For the experienced skipper a direct assessment can be also be undertaken over ½ day period costing £165. 
During the course you will cover: 
How to set up a boat ready to go to sea 
Basic engine checks 
Launch and recovery of a boat (if you want to use your own boat and trailer for this please let us know) 
What Safety gear you should have and how to wear or use it! 
Methods on how to start/stop a boat 
How to work with and against the elements during slow boat manoeuvres 
Different techniques of coming alongside and leaving a berth 
Slow speed drills, remember 'Slow is Pro' 
Ropes and knots 
Knowledge of how to tow a boat (salvage) 
Local regulations and where to find them 
How to avoid an accident at sea using the International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea - IRPCS 
Understanding the weather 
Using an Almanac to get the tide times and other info 
Chart work and basic navigation including GPS and covering the buoyage system IALA 
Planing speed manoeuvres 
Anchoring & Mooring 
For those looking to become involved on a commercial skipper the RYA Level 2 can also be commerically endorsed so you can carry fare paying passengers. 
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